technical translations

I offer a friendly, reliable, technical and fast language service from English and French to Italian.
In view of the growing requests, during the last year I offered also post-editing services, but the main sphere of my activity persists as translator and quality reviewer.
In order to be abreast, I regularly attend webinairs and update my tools.



  • translation
  • proofreading
  • post-editing



Odontoiatric translation and proofreading jobs


  • catalogues (implants)
  • articles and editorials
  • abstracts
  • website localization
  • dental brochure
  • digital dental imaging devices’ manuals



Medical translation and proofreading jobs


  • User guidelines (medical devices)
  • Clinical and Safety Documentations of medical products
  • Clinical dossiers for drug approval
  • EMA Public Assessment Reports
  • EFSA Annual Reports
  • Scientific papers 



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